Electric Earth Concerts

Electric EarthElectric Earth Concerts was founded in January, 2012 by Laura Gilbert and Jonathan Bagg (Artistic Directors), and Miki Osgood (Managing Director, Development). We give affordable public concerts in the Monadnock Region that are meant to inspire, educate, and entertain, often looking beyond music to its connections to literature, dance, and visual art.

Music for the Mountain powers Electric Earth Concerts’ outreach programs. We provide music free of charge to groups in the Monadnock region whose members may not easily be able to attend public concerts, but who will benefit from the healing and educational power of live music.

Beethoven believed that ideas of mysterious and divine origin come to fruition when given voice in the “electric” language of music. Our name honors his idea that music is fertile ground for the spirit, and expresses our desire to make music in an environment alive and open to creative discovery.

Electric Earth takes a thought provoking journey through the heart of the magnificent chamber music repertoire, with poetry, dance, and visual art contributing to the experience. In addition to our concerts in acoustically fine locations around the region, we bring music to places where it can make a difference– to schools, rehabilitation centers, and homes for the disabled. We believe the enlightening and healing  power of music  should  know no boundaries.

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