Fear of Singing


I believe this with all my heart. We are all born to sing – people all over the world have sung for as long as there has been language – only relatively recently, with the advent of musical recording, has the birthright of song been relinquished to the professionals. 

Many people who think they can’t sing have had some kind of experience that shut them down (a criticism at an early age, a sense that someone else was the “the singer” in the family, an insensitive music teacher!) and that this negative experience has gelled into a myth that they have come to see as a truth. Does this sound familiar to you?

So let’s open up the idea of what singing is. Let’s play with sound, and what it’s like to simply make noise together. Let’s talk about what singing means to you and why, and what kind of music interests you. We’ll play games with singing and rhythm, do some toning and rounds as a way of exploring harmony, move and stretch our bodies as we explore different vocal placements and styles, and sing simple, accessible songs from different cultures to experience how these vocal styles can be used in a new context. Finding your voice is fun!

Take individual lessons, lessons with a friend or two, or come to a workshop.

• Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & fun

• Discover your own natural voice

• Become more confident–experience some singing success!

• Take home skills to start you on your way!


. . . grew up in New York city where she was raised on the folk music of the 60s. As a teenager she developed an interest in the traditional music of our culture and other cultures, and this continues to be a passion for her. A long-time resident of Keene, NH, she has sung with local women’s chorus Animaterra, Halcyon ensemble, and attends Village Harmony singing camps.  She is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network and Music for People.

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