Make Music

Don’t see an opportunity to take a lesson or join a musical group that you like or have heard of? Suggest one on our Contact Page.


Pick any instrument you wish you could play, and most likely you will find a musician able to teach you.  Instruction is not limited to instruments – you can also learn voice, music theory and composition. Visit Instruction

Opportunities For Adults

Local music ensembles and choral groups welcome new members. Musicians offer one-day workshops or a series of classes. No matter what your ability or experience, you can find the right opportunity to participate in music making.  Visit Opportunities For Adults

Opportunities For Children And Teens

There are musical opportunities that are geared just for children. Others have musicians of all ages and welcome children and teens. Toddlers and young children can learn the joy of music early on in programs geared for them.  Visit Opportunities For Children & Teens


Share your old favorites or new creations at one of these open stage venues. Delight audiences at karaoke night and sing that memorable song. Visit Perform!

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