About Monadnotes

Lynn MerloneThere is so much music available in the southwestern New Hampshire area – from world, barbershop, classical, to a whole lot of eclectic and original offerings. Music-making venues are wide ranging as well – outdoors in the summer, home concerts in the winter, restaurants, churches and theaters. Music in the Monadnock region can be a participatory experience -whether it be taking lessons or joining a group – and for all ages. Many local musicians have recordings and websites where you can enjoy your favorite selections at any time.

Monadnotes has been a few years in the conceptualizing, 6 months in the making.  I moved to New Hampshire in 1995 from Chicago, where you didn’t have to look hard for music – music seemed to find you! A couple of years ago I said to a friend, “I wish there was one website you could go to and see everything that’s happening around here.” She suggested I make one – a little easier said than done – but I was up for the challenge.  In October 2012 I took a course on website design to begin understanding the process, received helpful ideas from artistic and web savvy friends, and then worked with David Teubner of KeeneOnline to make this a reality.

My goal is to make Monadnotes an in-depth resource for local music at one site. It is designed to give you a long range view so you can anticipate events happening in the future, as well as a detailed overview of what is available for an upcoming week. It’s been a fun journey finding new bands, venues, and events, and one that I hope you will find useful in adding to the pleasures of living in this region. If you know of musicians or music activity that is not listed here, please let me know by sending an e-mail on the contact form. General comments and suggestions are welcome too!

This little corner of paradise has as many musical opportunities as any large city.  Please visit Monadnotes often, and discover for yourself the musical offerings in the Monadnock region.

Lynn Merlone has been a resident of the Monadnock region since 1995. Throughout her life she has dabbled with music on various instruments and is master of none. She salutes the courage and dedication of musicians who hone their craft, find their style, and put their music out for us to enjoy. You make this world a better place.

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