Music Together For Monadnock Families

Music Together PosterParents and their children – newborns to five-year-olds participate 45 minutes of music making and activities. Classes are offered in a ten week series in Peterborough and Keene, including Langdon Place for intergenerational classes. Occasional free demonstration classes offered.

Join us for 45 minutes each week for songs, chants, movement, and instrumental jam sessions. Share the joy of music-making with activities that build on children’s natural enthusiasm for music, and provide playful, engaging ways for kids and adults to relate to each other musically.


Music Together is a fabulous way for children to learn the skills to become competent and comfortable with music. It may seem funny to “teach” music to babies and young children, so let’s think about how kids learn their native language. They’re immersed in it! It’s everywhere for them and they just kind of absorb it. Well, in our culture (unlike some others around the world) opportunities are not everywhere for young kids to be immersed in live music – and this is what Music Together is all about!

How do children learn to speak? Through engaging with people they love, through repetition and immersion, and through PLAY. In a Music Together class kids are free to explore, play and experience the music-making in the way that works best for their own age and learning style, while we grownups sing, dance and play percussion instruments. We create a place where music is all around, everyone’s having fun, and the kids are immersed and learning in the best possible way.

We know this works because Music Together has been around for over 20 years and our stories of musical joy and success are countless. All people are born musical – but we need an environment to encourage and nurture our musicality!


. . . grew up in New York city where she was raised on the folk music of the 60s. As a teenager she developed an interest in the traditional music of our culture and other cultures, and this continues to be a passion for her. A long-time resident of Keene, NH, she has sung with local women’s chorus Animaterra, Halcyon ensemble, and attends Village Harmony singing camps. Her love of community singing along with her early childhood teaching experience make Nancy a very happy Music Together® teacher!

Nancy Salwen is the director of Music Together for Monadnock Families, an early childhood family music program. She also teaches singing to “non-singers” through her program “Fear of Singing.” She is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network and Music for People.

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