Apple Hill Summer Chamber Music Workshop

Apple Hill Summer Chamber Music Workshop

The Summer Chamber Music Workshop has fostered musical growth since its founding in 1971. Director Lenny Matcyznski, the Apple Hill String Quartet and renowned faculty coach multi-generational, intermediate-to-professional level students who are placed in chamber groups by ability rather than age.

The summer program is divided into five 10-day sessions, with each session attended by 60 participants ranging in age from 12 to 90. Each student is assigned two or three chamber groups per session. Ensembles are formed by playing level rather than age. Music is chosen with the clear expectation that participants will practice and learn their parts before arrival at Apple Hill. Chamber music literature requests are carefully considered and, when possible, honored.

Each ensemble is coached daily for 1 1/2 hours. In the student concerts that close each session, all groups have the opportunity to perform for an appreciative and empathetic audience of fellow participants, faculty, family, and friends. In keeping with the spirit of Apple Hill, all participants – scholarship and non-scholarship alike – are asked to perform daily tasks to help run Apple Hill during their session. These tasks may include food preparation, buildings and grounds maintenance, office and administrative support, and special music assistance.

Pre-formed ensembles may apply. These groups will be coached, and individuals in these groups will also be mixed into new ensembles with other members of the participant community. Each member of a pre-formed group must apply separately.

Opportunities abound for structured and unstructured sight-reading of chamber music and orchestra literature. Faculty members are available for instrumental and musical consultations as needed.

Attendance at more than one session is encouraged for those who wish a longer experience at Apple Hill. The multi-session experience combines the structured intensity and focus of individual sessions with optional, less-structured time for practice, sight-reading, and recreation between sessions.

Apple Hill believes in honoring the special voice in all musicians. We coach, encourage, and applaud all groups equally, from high level ensembles to those with participants who are just starting to play chamber music. Our goal is to use the tools of coaching and performance to build confidence and ability in each student.

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