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Tad Dreis UkeleleI teach guitar, harmonica and ukulele lessons my home studio in downtown Keene, NH I love working with both children and adults! I began teaching guitar in 1999, and then expanded to offer harmonica and ukulele a decade later. In 2009, I also began teaching online via Skype. My online teaching has allowed me to help folks in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Canada, as well as a handful of different US states. Please visit my teaching websites above for my rates and availability, plus free songs for students. and I also offer Skype  lessons.

Availability – Monday through Thursday from 11am to 8pm. Rates – Hour lessons are $40 and half-hours are $25. Most folks come once a week for an hour.

Personalized Lessons

I’ll teach you what you want to learn. These are YOUR lessons, after all! We’ll discuss your goals, identify what you need to work on, and then we’ll work on getting there, step by step, using your favorite songs as projects wherever possible.

Music Should Be Fun

Why do it otherwise? Learning an instrument can be challenging, but the excitement of actually making your own sounds is an amazing motivator. I think it’s reasonable to expect that learning to play an instrument should increase your enjoyment of music on every level and bring more joy to your life.

Coffee Shop Jam

Once or twice a year, I offer my students an informal performance opportunity that I’m calling the Coffee Shop Jam. I set up my PA system at a small local venue, and invite students of all levels to share a little bit of what they’ve been practicing. It’s an optional event, but I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from participants who found it to be an inspiring experience and a great goal to work toward.

Recording Projects

Just like the Coffee Shop Jam, recording can be great goal to motivate your practicing. I take two approaches to student recording projects: the snapshot and the mural. The snapshot captures a live performance and reflects how you sounded in that moment. The mural involves overdubbing multiple takes, and requires close listening skills to line up your parts. If you get super ambitious, we could even make a whole album.

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